15 Best WordPress Lead Capture Plugins 2020 To Boost Your Conversions

A website might be the best tool in your marketing arsenal. It promotes your business night and day without taking a single day off. 

However, creating a website highlighting your products/services is not enough to expand your online business. It should be well-equipped to turn first-time visitors into repeat customers. That is where lead generation comes into play. 

15 Best WordPress Lead Capture Plugins 2020 To Boost Your Conversions

There are a lot of WordPress plugins that could help you capture potential leads and bring them one step closer to the end of your sales funnel. 

In this article, we have curated a list of 15 functional plugins that will help you optimize your lead generation strategy and increase the conversion rate exponentially.

Lead Capture: What is all the fuss about

Let’s start with what is a lead in essence. 

Any person who is interested in your product, service or any other offering for that matter is a lead. Every visitor turns into a lead before converting into your customer. 

A lot of website owners attract traffic but fail to convert them into leads. That is because they do not lure them into taking some action. Email sign-ups, chats, push notifications, ebook subscription – it could be any incentive to engage with your brand! 

Often underestimated, lead generation is not as easy as plucking the low-hanging fruit. You need to try your hands on different communication channels and mediums and analyze what works best for your business prospects. 

Lead capture forms, conversion pages, pop-ups, funnel analysis: there’s a lot of ground to cover. However, on the upside, there is a multitude of WordPress plugins designed to get the job done.

15 Best WordPress Lead Capture Plugins 2020 To Boost Your Conversions (Free & Premium)

HubSpot is a comprehensive lead capture plugin that comes along with a contacts database to grow your email list. The tool is indeed a hub of marketing and sales services. 

The key features integrated into the plugin include:

  • Adding forms and pop-ups (inline forms, overlay models, banners, and slide-on boxes) to your website with its simple drag and drop interface
  • Supports live chat and automated chatbots to interact with your website visitors
  • Craft perfect marketing email for your contacts and analyze its performance
  • Send automated email when a visitor interacts with your site
  • CRM or contact database to organize and manage the data of your contacts

OptinMonster is specifically designed to increase your subscribers’ list. The plugin adds high-converting pop-ups and similar email opt-in forms to your website in minutes! 

With the drag and drop builder and pre-built templates, you can easily add an opt-in form along with elements like videos, images, and social icons in it. 

Let’s take a glimpse of how OptinMonster helps you grow your email list:

  • It efficiently works with email marketing software like MailChimp, AWeber, Drip, etc.
  • Re-engages visitor with its powerful exit intent pop-up technology
  • Targets visitors based on their location and runs campaigns accordingly
  • Provides accurate statistics on conversion to optimize your lead capture strategy
  • Offers A/B testing to help you analyze which campaign is working better
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ConvertBox focuses on building visitor engagement and capturing potential leads based on their on-site and off-site behavior (that would include your email service provider). 

You can segment and target your visitors based on a specific set of rules. For instance, the total number of visits, time spent on a page, device type, or percentage of page scrolled.

The plugin offers flexibility to design and customize your ConvertBox in just a few clicks. You can opt for a side box, notification bar, modal box, or a full-page capture.

While ConvertBox software has not launched officially yet, you can request to gain early access to it. 

HollerBox is a pop-up and banner plugin designed to capture leads for e-commerce stores built on WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. The plugin is lightweight, easy to use, and unobtrusive. You can efficiently generate leads with its unlimited pop-ups or faux chat email capture. 

HollerBox comes with seven types of forms, including notification bubble, lightbox pop-up, and more. You can even design exit-intent pop-ups, integrate with email marketing service providers, add shortcodes in the content, or add time delay and scroll triggers. 

While the free version covers most of the lead capture features, you need to upgrade to HollerBox pro to gain access to its extended functionalities. 

Justifying its name, Thrive Leads is a powerful list-building plugin designed to give your website the much-needed conversion boost. You can build a compelling and personalized opt-in form in no time with its drag and drop editor. 

It helps you design:

  • Pop-up lightbox
  • Sticky ribbon
  • In-line form
  • Two-step opt-in form
  • Slide-in form
  • Opt-in widget
  • Screen filler overlay
  • Content lock
  • Scroll mat
  • Multiple choice form

Thrive Leads helps you build a targeted list by offering opt-in forms based on your website posts, categories, and tags. Additionally, you can A/B test your strategies and analyze where most of the potential leads your site acquires from with insights from its detailed reports.

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Elementor is primarily a WordPress page builder that lets you design visually compelling web pages seamlessly. You can use it to streamline your lead capture campaigns by designing landing pages that users love. 

The following set of features make it the right fit for your lead generation strategy:

  • The tool offers an easy-to-use builder that helps you design landing pages to get more conversions and boost marketing efforts
  • You can track user information to analyze the performance of your sales funnel
  • Allows you to build pixel-perfect pop-ups, including fly-in, full screen, classic, hello bar, and more
  • Flawlessly integrates with other marketing tools
  • Adds urgency to your opt-in with an evergreen countdown widget

Beaver Builder Pro is a flexible WordPress page builder plugin power-packed with creative templates for your website. 

Although the plugin is designed to build an entire site from scratch, you can integrate it into your marketing campaign to create high-conversion landing pages.  

Fashion, fitness, law firm, photography portfolio, or small business: no matter what niche your website belongs to, Beaver Builder has a unique landing page template for every category. Moreover, it also lets you unleash your creativity and design something that flawlessly reflects your brand.

However, its feature set is not limited to only pages, though. You can try your hands on the newsletter signup template, too.

IntelligenceWP is not precisely a lead capture plugin. It offers rather valuable insights into your website content and the users to help you increase leads. 

The plugin integrates with Google Analytics to provide you with crucial data on your website’s traffic, content, and user engagement. It is, basically, an analytics plugin that keeps track of various activities performed on your website. 

You can analyze what areas of your website are acting as a lead magnet, and what are the key-actions and touchpoints of your leads. Additionally, IntelligenceWP assigns a score to every page for you to evaluate the individual page-level performance.

Gravity Forms is one of the easiest yet powerful form builder tools to create advanced WordPress forms. The plugin comes with a bunch of features to quickly build and embed forms on your website and capture valuable leads.

Whether it’s a contact form, registration form, or email capture form, Gravity Forms supports them all. Beyond that, you can also use it to create quizzes and surveys instantly.  

The plugin is easy to integrate with several popular third-party applications through add-ons, like PayPal, MailChimp, Stripe, Zapper, and a lot more.

Another impressive thing about this tool is that it offers integration with HubSpot so you can organize user information in its flexible CRM.

WPForms is a popular drag-and-drop WordPress forms plugin that helps you build smart forms in no time. The plugin offers a set of pre-built responsive form templates that can be easily embedded anywhere on your site. 

WPForms can effectively build any form for your site: contact forms, registration forms, surveys, payment forms – you name it. 

You can even create a subscription form for your site and integrate it with popular email marketing tools. It will help you streamline your lead generation efforts.

Like Gravity Forms, this plugin too can smoothly integrate with HubSpot to help you manage your leads data in the HubSpot contacts database.

Built by WP Ninjas, Ninja Forms is one of the most popular and free form plugins. It helps you create:

  • Order forms to sell products/services on your website
  • Request a quotation forms to offer in-depth information about your work to the clients
  • Opt-in forms to grow your subscribers’ list and generate new leads
  • Surveys to gain insights from your users and build strategies based on the data acquired
  • Post submission forms to let visitors add and edit their posts from the front-end

A striking part about this plugin is that, unlike other WordPress form plugins, it doesn’t sell add-ons in bundles. You can separately purchase them as and when required.

Designed for small businesses, WP Live Chat Support is a cost-effective and fully-functional live chat tool. You can choose to use either your website’s server or the plugin’s chat server to host it. 

WP Live Chat Support is primarily designed to offer customer support, but you can steer it to act as a lead capture tool. It helps you acquire visitor information like their email address. You can even conduct a survey or poll in the chatbox to gain insights to formulate your website strategy. 

With this plugin, it’s quite easy to initiate chat or track site visitors. For instance, it notifies you when a user submits a particular form or visits a specific page on your site.

As the name suggests, CallPage helps you generate leads over the phone. The widget claims to increase your website’s conversion rate by a staggering 30% to 125%. 

Its setup is quite easy and requires only a few minutes to get rolling.

CallPage is the ultimate callback solution to shoot up your conversion rate. The widget allows a visitor to drop its phone number on your website to hear from you later. 

However, CallPage doesn’t pops-up the widget to every visitor on your site. Instead, it implements a smart scoring system to monitor user activity and display the widget selectively to potential leads who seem interested in what you have to offer.

Intercom provides a communication platform to interact with your potential leads. It also lets you track user engagement on your website.

You can add an Intercom Messenger to chat with your active visitors or take a proactive approach and automatically ping them when they land on a specific page. For instance, you can evaluate customer touchpoints (e.g., pricing information page) and trigger a conversion message when a visitor reaches it.

The plugin tracks logged-in customers as users, while other website visitors who are not logged-in are considered leads. It offers simplified on-site messaging and user tracking.

Opt-in Panda offers a rather aggressive lead generation strategy to grow your subscribers’ list. The plugin allows you to hide or blur your premium content and asks the website visitor to subscribe in order to unlock it. Basically, it locks your exclusive content behind an email subscription wall. 

You can quickly build your email list by leveraging freebies, images, videos, code snippets, and other valuable content. The plugin seamlessly works with both single and double opt-in modes.

Additionally, you can integrate Opt-in Panda with popular email marketing service providers like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, MyMail, Mail Poet, and more.

The plugin lets you dive into advanced analytics to help you figure out which lock-out content is performing better or how to optimize it further for higher conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

WordPress offers a gazillion lead capture plugins to help your business thrive. You need to pick out the ones that push your conversion rates sky-high. 

Brainstorm and figure out what action do you want your visitors to perform and build a strategy accordingly.

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